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Due to its flexibility and resilience, composite  rubber limits fatigue relatd to permanent constraints: that is the case for machines but also for people and livestock.  Composite Rubber retains this property in the long run thanks to its excellent resistance to fatigue and creep.

Associated product

  • SafetyTile

    SafetyTile is a range of safety tiles for playgrounds for children, kindergartens, school yards, or gardens, sports facilities which allow cushion falls and increase comfort.

  • StallWay

    The StallWay is a multi-purpose non-skid mat for aisles and milking parlours. It guarantees ease of movement for both cattle and farmers. It resists moisture, milk and animals manures.

  • StallSoft

    Le Stallsoft a stall  mat designed to increase the comfort of cattle in dairy farm. It reduces maintenance costs by removing the need for straw and also reduces the stress of cattle which will improve production.