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Sound insulation

The interaction between the rubber particles, the binder and the air contained in the composite rubber provides excellent resilience and a permanent resistance to the material compression.

It can then, when sandwiched, play the perfect role for an acoustic filter for structural noise (impacts noise and shocks).

Associated product

  • SonicMat

    SonicMat is an insulating underlayer designed for reducing impact noise and to absorb vibrations. The product is profiled (dimpled) and is conveniently installed under concrete slab. SonicMat 8/4 offers an impact sound reduction up to 25 dB.

  • RubberWall

    Joints RubberWall are designed to be installed onto and under bearing walls in order to decoupling walls from concrete slab and/or floors. Joints RubberWall reduces considerably structure-borne noise transmission between floors or between outdoor and indoor.

  • Damtec standard

    Damtec standardDamtec Standard is the impact sound insulation underlayer which can be used under wooden floor, laminate and even ceramic tiles and reduces unwanted noise (up to 20 dB).

  • Damtec resistant cork G

    Resistant cork GDamtec Resistant cork G is the ideal soundproofing underlayer for residential or professional construction. It offers an excellent fire resistance protection and a impact noise improvement up to to 25 db.

  • Damtec black uni

    Damtec Black uni  is an underlayer for impact noise insulation (up to 20 dB), suitable for all types of flooring (PVC or linoleum).