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By varying the shape factor (grooved carpet or mat corrugated 3D) or the thickness of the composite rubber, the combination rubber-air has a unique anti-vibration effect which acts as a perfect damped spring. In this case, the composite rubber is used to filter vibrations beyond the resonant frequency of the damped system.

Depending on the applications, we can customize the filtering support up to a resonant frequency of > = 10 Hz . The excellent fatigue resistance and creep rubber composite ensures a reliable behavior which lasts over time.

Associated product

  • Slab Mat Damper

    The Slab Mat Damper is a resilient mat made of natural recycled rubber that surrounds floating slabs of concrete railway tracks and significantly reduces the level of vibration in urban areas (-20 dB @ 63Hz)

  • Ballast Mat Damper

    The Railmat Ballast Damper is an antivibrating mat in recycled rubber that is installed under ballasted tracks. It reduces vibration level of the ballasted track in urban areas (up to -20 dB @ 63 Hz).

  • SonicMat Fiber

    SonicMat Fiber is a range of anti-vibration mat made form recycled rubber in order to filter frequencies from 10 Hz for loads from 1 to 150 T/m2.

  • Rubberfoot

    RG RUBBERFOOT Rubberfoot is a range of moulded blocks made of composite recycled rubber specifically designed to support solar or photovoltaic pannels or any other vibrating equipment such as air conditioning units. The product can also be used as an efficient solution to support pipes and cable ducts.

  • Squarefoot

    RG SquarefootSquarefoot is a range of support systems designed to support metal structure on roofs or in industrial spaces. These support systems are constituted of the combination of an injected plastic body and a composite rubber pad.