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Sound insulation

The interaction between the rubber particles, the binder and the air contained in the composite rubber provides excellent resilience and a permanent resistance to the material compression.

It can then, when sandwiched, play the perfect role for an acoustic filter for structural noise (impacts noise and shocks).


By varying the shape factor (grooved carpet or mat corrugated 3D) or the thickness of the composite rubber, the combination rubber-air has a unique anti-vibration effect which acts as a perfect damped spring. In this case, the composite rubber is used to filter vibrations beyond the resonant frequency of the damped system.

Depending on the applications, we can customize the filtering support up to a resonant frequency of > = 10 Hz . The excellent fatigue resistance and creep rubber composite ensures a reliable behavior which lasts over time.

Drainage protection

Thanks to its open and airy structure, the composite rubber sheet or mat is an ideal solution for an under-drainage layer in the basement or mechanical protection permeable roof or parking. Permeability can be easily measured in labs according to the application.


Due to its flexibility and resilience, composite  rubber limits fatigue relatd to permanent constraints: that is the case for machines but also for people and livestock.  Composite Rubber retains this property in the long run thanks to its excellent resistance to fatigue and creep.


Thanks to its open structure which is not smooth and thanks to its flexibility, composite rubber provides a multitude of point contacts for a surface under load. These multiple point contacts provide excellent resistance to abrasion and slip. This is particularly useful for securing transport charges, in the calibration or mechanical protection and also for flooring applications.

Vegetation control

Given its draining and waterproof properties, composite rubber in sheet or plate is an environmentally friendly solution for limiting vegetation and regrowth in areas of difficult maintenance (roads and highway traffic signs , ...). This feature can also be useful in your private gardens (TreeRing, posts, slides, ...).

Shock absorption

Depending on the final density and type of rubber, the composite rubber resilience enable to achieve an efficient level of shock protection whether for industrial applications (protection of shelves) or for playgrounds applications (playgrounds for children). They then play a major role in people safety.


Composite rubber sandwiched between two loads absorbs the surface irregularities and acts as a load balancer. Under this effect, it limits the indentation on delicate surfaces where a recovery charge is required like for eample a waterproofing membrane. This feature is also useful for the protection of sensitive punching heavy (metal coils, ...)