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Damtec black uni

Acoustic performance up to 20 dB


Damtec Black uni is an underlayer for impact noise insulation, suitable for all types of floorings (PVC or linoleum floorings). It has a resilient structure made of recycled foam that provide an efficient solution against hardening and potential change of colors. Damtec Black uni offers an optimal accoustic comfort at home and for your neighbours. 


Damtec Black uni  can be installed loose or glued in accordance with your application and the specific conditions of the installation.


  • Reliable uncoupling
  • Compatible  PVC or linoleum flooring
  • Easy installation
  • Does not rot
  • 100% recycled/ recyclable
  • High and lasting elasticity


Damtec Black uni provides impact noise reduction for

  • Residential constructions
  • Flats buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospital
  • Hotels
  • etc . . .

Technical information

Composition   Thin granules of PU foam and cork bounded with a PU binder.
Colors   Black, Grey, beige, marron (PU Foam), beige (cork)

2, 3 or 4 mm

Density   ca. 550 kg/m3
Elongation at break ISO 1798 ca. 0,8 N/mm2
Fire resistance EN 13501 Efl
Heat transmission coefficient ISO 8303 0,04 m2K/W for 3 mm
Impact noise insulation improvement ISO 140-8

ΔLw = 19 dB with 2 mm glued under PVC flooring 3 mm
ΔLw = 20 dB with 3 mm glued under flooring 3 mm
ΔLw = 16 dB with 2 mm glued under linoleum 2,5 mm
ΔLw = 25 dB with 2 mm under textile flooring


30 m x 1 m in 2 mm
20 m x 1 m in 3 mm