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Rubberfoot is a range of moulded blocks in recycled composite rubber specifically designed to support equipment on buidling roof or to support vibrating machinery in industrial spaces.


In the contexty of flat roofs, Rubberfoot provides support for solar or photovoltaic pannels, airconditioning units, cable ducts, ventilation pipes, ...


For small load, Rubberfoot 35  is a 35 mm thickness block and has a PVC adapted profile with a M10 hex head screw. The lenght of the product can be  customized upon request up to 1700 mm.


For higher loads, Rubberfoot 95  is a 95 mm in height block and has a aluminium profile 40x20 mm sized for robust fixation. This model of the Rubberfoot is available  in 400, 600, 800 ou 1200 mm.


  • Anti-puncture and loads distribution on flat roof
  • Rot-proof and UV resistant
  • Very good anti-vibration performance
  • Manufactured from recycled rubber and recyclable
  • Support system easy and quick to install
  • Flexible, lasting and reliable support solution


Rubberfoot is the solution to support:

  • Photovoltaïc pannels
  • Air conditioning units
  • Small pipes
  • Cable ducts
  • Ventilation pipes