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Slab Mat Damper

The Slab Mat Damper is a resilient mat made of natural recycled rubber that surrounds floating slabs of concrete railway tracks and significantly reduces the level of vibration in urban areas (-20 dB @ 63Hz).


The Slab Mat Damper comprises of a dimpled surface and a flat one, which provides excellent resilience and a optimum dynamic behavior.


This product can be applied in a single layer or double layers, either for prefabricated sections or "on site" when it comes to pour concrete on a railway track. It fits very well "poured railway tracks" for tramways or traditional railway tracks for high speed trains in urban areas.


It is very resistant to wet conditions thanks to its permeability and drainage features and is also resistant to frost and fatigue (tested according to DIN 45673-7).



  • Very effective solution for reducing vibration nuisance
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Keep its excellent performance in time
  • Eco-friendly  solution (100% recycled and recyclable)


The Slab Mat Damper is particularly suitable for:

  • Tramways and underground railway embedded tracks
  • Tunnel railway tracks
  • high-speed railway tracks in urban areas
  • Prefabricated concrete railway tracks or traditional railway tracks

Technical information


Grains and fibers of natural recycled rubber with a polyurethane binder

Color   Black
Thickness   20 or 30 mm (simple or double layer)
Density   Approx. 650 kg/m³
Attenuation @ 63 Hz   > 20 dB
Kstat DIN 45673-7 > 10 MN/m3 @ 0,02 MPa
Kdyn DIN 45673-7 < 20 MN/m3 @ 0,02 MPa
Fatigue resistance DIN 45673-7

Variation Kstat < 20 %

Frost resilience DBS 918 071-1

Variation Kstat < 20 %


Slab of 600 x 1700 mm or rolls

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