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RG Squarefoot


Squarefoot is a range of support systems designed to support metal structure on roofs or in industrial spaces. These support systems are constituted of the combination of an injected plastic body and a composite rubber pad.The Squarefoot is compatible with well-established metal standards such as unistrut 41 x 41 mm. The composite rubber pad ensures the necessary resilience for anti-puncture and the distribution of the load on the slab support slab. Because we use RubberVibra 3D as a base material, the Squarefoot provides equally an excellent anti-vibration support to reduce the vibration caused by the support equipment.  Squarefoot is particularly suited for the supporting of chillers (HVAC), ducts or ventilation(support en H) on roofs.


  • Significant loadbearing that can be customized.
  • Excellent antivibratoire properties
  • Reduce repairs and mainenance efforts of the supported equipment
  • Highly flexible : ajustable - heigths/weights
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No penetration of the waterproof membrane installed on roofs
  • Facilitate roof maintenance


the Squarefoot is designed for the support of :

  • air-conditioning systems
  • ventilation pipes
  • any type of equipments subject to dynamic vibrations systems (heat pump, groupe froid)

Technical information 


Injected plastic body 300 x 300 m

Resilient composite rubber pad (type RubberMat ST or anti-vibration underlay (type RubberVibra 3D) 

Weights recommended max. load of 500 kg, other load upon request and following consultancy with our technical team.
Temperature Installation indoor or outdorr, resilience to temperatures of -20°C to +80°C

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