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Whether we are talking about trams and metros in a typical urban area or conventional trains or even high-speed rail, each railway project raises specific issues in terms of vibration and acoustics. Thanks to its experience of composite rubber and serious investments made in this sector (R&D), RubberGreen has developed a range of products to be installed under railway tracks that significantly improve the acoustic performance of rails in urban area and reduces also the maintenance costs of the ballast, often damaged by the "wheel-rail" interaction dynamics.

The continuous traffic of trains, trams and subways is a source of many vibrations, whose effects are transmitted through the whole structure of the way - rail, saddle crosses and ballasts - into sub-layers of the surrounding soil. It is therefore crucial to be able to isolate the railway track, whether to improve the comfort of the residents, or extend the life of various components of the railway track -  from the track to the ballast. The structure of the mats produced by RubberGreen combines highly resilient rubber in a dimple profiling, which provides unique performance in static stiffness (kstat) and dynamic (Kdyn) with thinner thicknesses than the one of competing products.

Construction & Building

Nowadays noise insulation is becoming increasingly important. Airborne noise and impact noise are real sources of discomfort inside our buildings, whether residential, office or commercial buildings. With regulatory standards to reduce noise levels becomig more and more stringent, the work of acousticians, architects and builders has become more complex too.

Acoustic and vibration insulation in buildings, protection of waterproof membranes on flat roofs: those are the many needs of builders and construction professionals that RubberGreen is trying to address by providing innovative and effective solutions, and at the same time respectful of our environment through the use of recycled rubber.


The excellent vibroacoustic characteristic of recycled rubber and its high coefficient of friction, make it a material of choice for various industrial applications, where its use offers a wide range of answers to the problems of machines vibration, transportation timing, industrial packaging, comfort for suspension of production equipments.

The steel industry, paper production, transport and logistics, construction, aerospace and automotive are just a few examples of sectors for which RubberGreen provides compelling solutions based on its expertise in composite rubber moulding or by inserting friction parts and structure. Whether cold, hot moulding, or injection RubberGreen is the partner of choice for the development of a customised solution.


RubberGreen has designed and developed a comfort system based on the agglomerated rubber that allows to soften the rubber while at the same time maintaining its anti-slip properties. Through our use of high quality raw material, our cow mat solutions significantly improve the comfort of the animals. Logically, productivity also increases (up 20%), while operating costs decreases.


Composite rubber has also fantastic features in terms of shock absorption and anti-skid which are particularly valuable for all types of sports and playground in general. Whether playground, schools, public spaces, gyms and fitness, RubberGreen is able to offer a complete range of products that will improve the safety of sportsman and youngsters.