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Construction & Building

Nowadays noise insulation is becoming increasingly important. Airborne noise and impact noise are real sources of discomfort inside our buildings, whether residential, office or commercial buildings. With regulatory standards to reduce noise levels becomig more and more stringent, the work of acousticians, architects and builders has become more complex too.

Acoustic and vibration insulation in buildings, protection of waterproof membranes on flat roofs: those are the many needs of builders and construction professionals that RubberGreen is trying to address by providing innovative and effective solutions, and at the same time respectful of our environment through the use of recycled rubber.

Acoustic insulation

Floating floor underlayment

  • SonicMat

    SonicMat is an insulating underlayer designed for reducing impact noise and to absorb vibrations. The product is profiled (dimpled) and is conveniently installed under concrete slab. SonicMat 8/4 offers an impact sound reduction up to 25 dB.

Flexible joints for walls

  • RubberWall

    Joints RubberWall are designed to be installed onto and under bearing walls in order to decoupling walls from concrete slab and/or floors. Joints RubberWall reduces considerably structure-borne noise transmission between floors or between outdoor and indoor.

Vibration insulation

  • SonicMat Fiber

    SonicMat Fiber is a range of anti-vibration mat made form recycled rubber in order to filter frequencies from 10 Hz for loads from 1 to 150 T/m2.

Roofing protection

  • RubberDeck

    RG RubberdeckRubberDeck is a protective mat with high tensile strength and excellent anti-puncture properties in order to protect seals or sealing menbrane against mechanical damages to the installation of photovoltaic panels on roof or any flat surfaces or against mechanical damages of a site.

  • Rubberfoot

    RG RUBBERFOOT Rubberfoot is a range of moulded blocks made of composite recycled rubber specifically designed to support solar or photovoltaic pannels or any other vibrating equipment such as air conditioning units. The product can also be used as an efficient solution to support pipes and cable ducts.

  • Squarefoot

    RG SquarefootSquarefoot is a range of support systems designed to support metal structure on roofs or in industrial spaces. These support systems are constituted of the combination of an injected plastic body and a composite rubber pad.