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Composite rubber has also fantastic features in terms of shock absorption and anti-skid which are particularly valuable for all types of sports and playground in general. Whether playground, schools, public spaces, gyms and fitness, RubberGreen is able to offer a complete range of products that will improve the safety of sportsman and youngsters.


  • RoadMat

    RoadMat are anti-vegetation mats specially designed to repel and control weeds or unwanted vegetation to be installed under guardrail on highway, under signs post or along any roads or tacks. 

DIY and gardening

  • Treering & lawn edging

    TreeRing is made of recycled rubber (imitation bark) and can repel or eradicate unwanted vegetation or weeds and provides an ideal and sustainable protection for tree trunks, posts or fences.

Sports & Leisure

  • SafetyTile

    SafetyTile is a range of safety tiles for playgrounds for children, kindergartens, school yards, or gardens, sports facilities which allow cushion falls and increase comfort.