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Whether we are talking about trams and metros in a typical urban area or conventional trains or even high-speed rail, each railway project raises specific issues in terms of vibration and acoustics. Thanks to its experience of composite rubber and serious investments made in this sector (R&D), RubberGreen has developed a range of products to be installed under railway tracks that significantly improve the acoustic performance of rails in urban area and reduces also the maintenance costs of the ballast, often damaged by the "wheel-rail" interaction dynamics.

The continuous traffic of trains, trams and subways is a source of many vibrations, whose effects are transmitted through the whole structure of the way - rail, saddle crosses and ballasts - into sub-layers of the surrounding soil. It is therefore crucial to be able to isolate the railway track, whether to improve the comfort of the residents, or extend the life of various components of the railway track -  from the track to the ballast. The structure of the mats produced by RubberGreen combines highly resilient rubber in a dimple profiling, which provides unique performance in static stiffness (kstat) and dynamic (Kdyn) with thinner thicknesses than the one of competing products.

  • Slab Mat Damper

    The Slab Mat Damper is a resilient mat made of natural recycled rubber that surrounds floating slabs of concrete railway tracks and significantly reduces the level of vibration in urban areas (-20 dB @ 63Hz)

  • Ballast Mat Damper

    The Railmat Ballast Damper is an antivibrating mat in recycled rubber that is installed under ballasted tracks. It reduces vibration level of the ballasted track in urban areas (up to -20 dB @ 63 Hz).