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Standard products

The composite rubber is obtained by pressure agglomeration of rubber particles with a binder. Although other binders are currently under study in our R & D (thermoplastic binder or agro-sourced), we only use a polyurethane binder grade rubber which gives our composite strength and flexibility necessary for target applications.

All rubbers used come exclusively from recycled or scrap tires or other industrial sources pre-qualified in our laboratory.

Composite Rubber comes in many varying products through variation of: 

  • the final density of compression (from 0.65 to 1.1)
  • the shape of the rubber particles (pellets, chips, fibers)
  • particle size (particle size distribution)
  • the type of rubber (natural, synthetic SBR, butyl, EPDM, etc ...)

Certain qualities of composite rubber are totally new and original in comparison with other materials including the original raw material (original rubber). Indeed, its composite structure and open gives exceptional resilience depending on the density (association rubber binder-air).

 It has many features:

These functionalities enable us to address various needs and solve various issues peculiar to the building & construction, the railways, the industry and the farming & breeding.

Our range of standard products are mainly  made of  mats of variable thickness and density. Our factory is equipped with all the cutting instruments necessary to satisfy any type of request for specific dimensions :

Bespoke solutions

Finally, we have all the resources needed to design, develop and industrialize custom made rubber-based composite solutions, in any form (bespoke solutions):

  • moulded parts,
  • assembly with composite rubber parts of PVC, aluminum or steel, ...
  • against collage
  • bonding to concrete