A full range of
high performance acoustic mats

Designed to isolate screeds from the main structure of the building, reducing impact energy generated by general footfall.

All products made from Natural Recycled Rubber

Construction & Industry products

  • SonicMat is an insulating underlayer designed for reducing impact noise and to absorb vibrations. The product is profiled (dimpled) and is conveniently installed under concrete slab. SonicMat 8/4 offers an impact sound reduction up to 25 dB.

  • Joints RubberWall are designed to be installed onto and under bearing walls in order to decoupling walls from concrete slab and/or floors. Joints RubberWall reduces considerably structure-borne noise transmission between floors or between outdoor and indoor.

  • RubberDeck is a protective mat with high tensile strength and excellent anti-puncture properties in order to protect seals or sealing membrane against mechanical damages to the installation of photovoltaic panels on roof or any flat surfaces or against mechanical damages of a site.  

  • Rubberfoot is a range of moulded blocks made of composite recycled rubber specifically designed to support solar or photovoltaic pannels or any other vibrating equipment such as air conditioning units. The product can also be used as an efficient solution to support pipes and cable ducts. 

  • Squarefoot is a range of support systems designed to support metal structure on roofs or in industrial spaces. These support systems are made of moulded recycled rubber.


Vibration Insulation

Better performance with natural recycled rubber

Better performance with natural recycled rubber

Rubbergreen is active in the design and manufacturing of antivibration mats for railways infrastructures. Designing a Mass Spring System is simply represented in the following pictures. The mass helps reducing vibration level by decreasing the resonance frequency.

Specific developments

RubberGreen develops specific mats to get the right stiffness and damping loss factor optimizing vibration noise attenuation level while controlling the maximum track deflexion.

Loss factor effect

Loss factor has a positive impact in the damping zone but a negative impact in the attenuation zone. A compromise has to be found in order to avoid too much amplification around natural frequency of the mass spring system and optimal attenuation performance in the critical frequencies.

Natural recycled rubber processed by RubberGreen gives optimal values of dynamic and static stiffnesses (designed upon track design) with an optimal damping loss factor.



High performance acoustic mat

SonicMat is an insulating underlay designed for reducing impact noise and to absorb vibration by isolating screeds from the main structure of the building, reducing impact energy generated by general footfall. 

The product is profiled (dimpled) and is conveniently installed under concrete slab. It offers a significant impact noise reduction and helps to comply with the applicable standards and regulations for noise reduction. SonicMat is available in thickness 8/4 mm, 15/7 mm, 17/8 mm and 20/10 mm.


SonicMat 84 offers impact sound improvement in:

  • Residential buildings
  • Office spaces
  • School
  • Commercial buildings


  • Excellent material performance with a significant impact sound improvement that helps compliance with Part E - Building Regulations 2012
  • Extremely high resistance to compressive loads
  • Outstanding elasticity
  • Resistant to aging and deformation
  • Minimizes construction hights
  • Environmentally friendly (100% recycled)
  • Quik and easy to install
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Technical services

Our motivation and skills are driven by innovation and customer satisfaction

Design Our engineering department has a strong experience in designing sophisticated recycled rubber products which meet stringent technical requirements. Our team follows up scrupulously the industrialization of Under Sleeper Pad and the production of those pieces. We have the capacity to produce prototyping series or massive production series in a large range of dimensions (from 1 cm³ to dozens of dm³).

R&D program RubberGreen constantly innovates through a number of research programs, some of which are supported by Wallonia Region. Those research programs enable us to develop:
- New formulation of recycled rubber with very high performance in traction (tensile strength 10MPa, elongation at break 300%)
- Under rail pad: develop a rail pad with more than 80 % of recycled rubber
- Under sleeper pad: develop an under sleeper pad with more than 90 % of recycled rubber

Engineering Our engineers develop and set up themselves solutions to improve the production and the comfort of the workers. This is achieved by:
- Design of our own production processes/equipments and implementation in our plant with 3D CAD
- Workshop for tooling assembly and machinery construction with welding and machining equipment

Quality Management With our permanent care of client satisfaction, we manage to reach required specification and delivery time. It starts from the design of the product until the delivery and installation to customers. Our quality management system is mainly based on ISO 9001.

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