Acoustic insulation


Joints RubberWall are designed to be installed onto and under bearing walls in order to decoupling walls from concrete slab and/or floors. Joints RubberWall reduces considerably structure-borne noise transmission between floors or between outdoor and indoor.

Impact sound insulation

Joints RubberWall are suitable for impact sound insulation onto and under walls in order to decoupling the wall from the concrete slab and/or from the floor.

Joints RubberWall reduces considerably structure-borne noise transmission between floors or between outdoor and indoor. Strip width is minimum 1 cm wider than wall thickness, in order to avoid any acoustic bridge.

Thicknesses, shapes and densities

To maximize the efficiency of the SonicMat 84 system, RubberGreen has created Rubberwall, a heavy-duty masonry insulation material that disconnects the walls from their base and acts as a mass-spring system.

Capable of bearing loads of up to 7 storeys in its standard version, this material

is particularly resistant and keeps its resilience over time. With

a thickness of 10 mm, it is

delivered in 100, 150, or 200 mm wide stripe rolls of 10 m long.


Great robustness

Strong resistance to compression

High and lasting elasticity

No deformation in permanent compression

Easy installation

100% recycled and recyclable

Health neutral

Technical informations

Fine recycled rubber granules bonded with a PU binder
10 mm
Ca. 780 kg/m3
Mitigation of vibrations
> 20 dB
Length : 10 m
Width : 100, 150 or 200 mm


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