The European Regional Development Fund and Wallonia are investing in your future. Construction of a recycled rubber processing and regeneration plant. These investments are aimed at upgrading an end-of-life product into various new finished products without significant addition of raw material other than recycled.

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RubberGreenCycle (RGC)

Uses of devulcanized rubber in new applications and in substitution of raw material in existing applications, to complete the complete recycle loop (circularity concept): Recycle, Re-use, Re-make repeat.

Through an innovative devulcanization process, RubberGreen will be able to reduce the production costs and make this recycle product seen as a new material and not anymore a waste.


The recycled rubber has many unique and original features that can address a large number of needs

Anti vibration
By varying the shape factor or the thickness of the composite rubber, the combination rubber-air has a unique anti-vibration effect which acts as a perfect damped spring
Acoustic insulation
The interaction between the rubber particles, the binder and the air contained in the composite rubber provides excellent resilience and a permanent resistance to the material compression.
Anti vegetation
Given its draining and waterproof properties, composite rubber in sheet or plate is an environmentally friendly solution for limiting vegetation and regrowth in areas of difficult maintenance.
Anti puncture
Due to its flexibility and resilience, composite rubber limits fatigue relatd to permanent constraints: that is the case for machines but also for people and livestock.

An international presence

RubberGreen has many projects installed for many years in Europe and around the world in its various fields of application. RubberGreen is recognized for its flexibility, product quality and professionalism wherever its products are used. In recent years, RubberGreen has extended its reach to countries like India.


Carbon footprint

RubberGreen is committed to minimise our greenhouse gas emissions. For example, over the past years, we have maximised the use of electricity in our production process, and installed solar panels on our roof. Early 2023, we measured our entire carbon footprint across scope 1, 2 and 3, with the help from external experts and in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and “bilan carbone” from ADEME.


RubberGreen is the specialist of recycled rubber and is active in the design and manufacture of high value-added solutions based on recycled rubber. Our areas of interventions are mainly in the following sectors: Construction & Industry, railway, industry. In addition to a full range of standard products, the vast majority of which is available in our stock, RubberGreen also develops bespoke solutions for its customers.

The management team of the Company RubberGreen totals more than 25 years of experience in relevantes areas in which the Company operates.

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