Carbon footprint

RubberGreen is committed to minimise our greenhouse gas emissions. For example, over the past years, we have maximised the use of electricity in our production process, and installed solar panels on our roof. Early 2023, we measured our entire carbon footprint across scope 1, 2 and 3, with the help from external experts and in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and “bilan carbone” from ADEME.

This enables us to go further, by better understanding our key emissions drivers and hence guiding our action plan, both internally and externally in collaboration with our suppliers and customers.

Key figures (*)

Total emissions
6,669 tCO2e
Emissions per Rubbergreen employee
167 tCO2e / job
GHG emissions per tonne sold
1,423 kgCO2e / t
Translation of CO2e into the “year of life” of a Belgian
670 years

* uncertainty : 16 %

GHG emissions and uncertainties by item, in tCO2e

Carbon footprint with end of life. Total: 6,669 tCO2e

GHG Protocol: GHG emissions by scope, in tCO2e and in %

Net zero Maneco

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