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The products manufactured by RubberGreen are all based  on recycled elastomer materials. The reuse of these materials helps to reduce the need for fossil fuels by substitution, allowing a better use of our natural reserves.

Our products are also almost infinitely recyclable. For example, offcuts and manufacturing are reground and reused internally. We can, on request study together with our customer a solution for the collection and recycling of our products at their end of life.

Here is how RubberGreen fits in the various recycling channels of rubbers:


RubberGreen ambitions to develop these channels with a commercial and technical approach that enable to transform waste into high value-added products massively and in a sustainable manner creating in this way more demand for new secondary raw materials.

RubberGreen is currently considering several alternative recycling channels:

  • rubber conveyor belts
  • technical rubber waste (industrial)
  • waste latex (mattress)

Current recycling Channels :

  • Grated aircraft tyres
    • RubberGreen is located near a major aircraft tyre retreading company, generating about 1,000 tons of waste shredding. Previously, they were destroyed in cement. RubberGreen recycles all waste grating and transform them into high-value solutions such as anti-vibration pads for rail, castings for the building, etc ...
    • The base composition of these aircraft tires is natural rubber. Its fibrous state after grating provides excellent mechanical properties and viscoelastic.
  • Recycled tyres granules 

    RubberGreen regularly uses in its manufacturing SBR granules from recycling tires. These come from the industry Recytyre in Belgium, in France Aliapur or other free channels in Germany and the Netherlands.

  • Tennis balls

    RubberGreen is developping a two-year R & D program to recycle tennis balls massively. The rubber used in through this recycling channel has excellent shock absorbing features. In the context of this recycling process, RubberGreen is also developing an industrial tool for the crushing of tennis balls and the separation of the fibrous fluffy felt from the tennis balls.